Maximize trial design and clinical operations

Clinical Trial Optimization Solutions (CTOS) optimize strategic clinical processes by combining data, analytics and technology in order to methodically drive evidenced-based decision making through your organizations, with the goal of bringing new medications to market faster.

Deploying the suite of CTOS solutions will help ensure that decisions are based on the most relevant data (from our ecosystem, yours, or from 3rd parties), are captured and archived, that progress against those decisions can be measured. Collaborative approaches are applied to risk identification and mitigation driving alignment, accountability, trace-ability and appropriately balancing both scientific and operational considerations.

From study design and planning to study initiation and study oversight – your clinical development teams are armed with technology that is founded on a core set of capabilities that result in remarkable ROI.

CTOS solution benefits include

  • Increased predictability: accurate, evidence based designs, plans and budgets
  • Shortened timelines: faster start-up faster, timely recruitment, and expedited trial completion
  • Optimized operations: reduced waste and balanced implications of time and cost trade-offs

Investigate how CTOS technology can optimize your trial design and operations.