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Introducing Orchestrated Patient Engagement

Create meaningful conversations with patients

Patients have emerged as a priority audience for pharmaceutical companies but understanding their needs and driving demand has been a complex problem to solve. Until now.

IQVIA Orchestrated Patient Engagement (OPE) enables pharmaceutical companies to improve communication and orchestration with the audience that matters most—the patient. Our OPE solution cultivates large, engaged patient populations through a patient-centric approach, and allows interactions with companies that improve the success of brand commercialization.

By connecting directly with patient communities, pharmaceutical companies can

  • Increase disease awareness and education
  • Create hyper-targeted awareness campaigns
  • Engage directly with patients and caregivers to drive adherence
  • Gain relevant market intelligence

A powerful new alliance

IQVIA has partnered with Belong to deliver patient engagement via a configurable, personalized SaaS based solution, Orchestrated Patient Engagement (OPE). Belong has cracked the code on patient engagement and has created the #1 social media platform in the world for oncology patients, Belong Beating Cancer Together. IQVIA’s OPE provides comprehensive support to patients during their treatment journey, and new engagement channels and patient journey data to pharmaceutical companies.

Opportunities for Pharma Companies

The partnership with Belong combines IQVIA‘s innovative technology solutions, domain expertise and data assets with Belong’s unparalleled expertise in patient engagement, including the application of AI and ML to enhance patient interactions over time. With this foundation, we will bring Orchestrated Patient Engagement to our clients so they can forge stronger connections with patients.

Innovative technology for life sciences

OPE is IQVIA’s latest addition to our Orchestrated Commercial Ecosystem, which enables companies to move from a patchwork of point applications to harmonized solutions that adapt to evolving requirements. As with our other orchestrated solutions, OPE information can be shared across the enterprise, driving actionable insights and tailored, relevant interactions with customers.

OPE puts patients in the center, providing them with tools to manage their treatments more effectively, and empowering them with knowledge when they need it.

Tal Rosenberg,

senior vice president,

Global Technology Solutions at IQVIA

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