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IQVIA Content Management Solutions help improve process workflows, promote global collaboration and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance, from planning through archive.

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Keep your studies on track and compliant

The IQVIA Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF) offers precision planning and automation tools to help you plan, manage, monitor, and maintain an inspection-ready eTMF. Countless intelligent automated features and intuitive functionality reduce manual efforts, minimize the need for user input, increase efficiency, and reduce risk.


Use this customizable template to
submit your eTMF RFI/RFPs

Identify and fix problems as they occur

Leverage state of the art dashboards and metrics immediately upon login to get instant insights into eTMF health. Proactively understand and correct quality, completeness, and timeliness problems to avoid issues, support accountability and promote productivity.

Promote real-time eTMF Compliance

The IQVIA eTMF provides streamlined processes for uploading and QC, tools to support and measure TMF process efficiencies, and the transparency and insight needed to achieve ongoing inspection readiness with all major health authorities.

Quality by design – Visually assess KPI metrics to promote continuous improvement principles by driving a constant vetting of work being done, then adapt as warranted and measure results instantly.

Study set-up wizards – Custom configure your eTMF upfront, generate artifact placeholders, and automate functionality to adapt to the specific demands of your study.

eTMF as a factory – Operate like a well-oiled machine by leveraging automation to streamline document workflows, identify languishing activities, reduce errors, and improve QC.

Our latest thinking

Orchestrate Your Clinical Trials

The IQVIA eTMF is part of a comprehensive suite of SaaS solutions that span the full trial continuum. We can support every aspect of trial design, start up, conduct, execution, and close out.

The IQVIA Technologies Orchestrated Clinical Trials (OCT) platform is a persona-based, turnkey, enterprise solution that empowers sponsors and CROs to transform decision-making by leveraging intelligent AI / ML recommendations. It’s purpose-built to optimize clinical studies and utilizes our best-in-class technologies stack to run smarter, faster, and more efficient trials.

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