Focus on research, not regulations.

Address increasingly complex regulatory issues and stay ahead of changing requirements using integrated data and systems, global presence and expert advice. IQVIA can help you build a regulatory strategy, develop global clinical and regulatory plans and execute on your marketed product maintenance requirements so you can focus on research and development.
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Driving strategy through insights

IQVIA's Regulatory Affairs approach integrates technology, analytics, and insights built from years of experience to help biopharma companies exceed global compliance goals, reduce costs and get drugs to market faster.

Our offerings span the drug development continuum where our assistance with the creation of a regulatory strategy and development plan helps eliminate surprises, keep development on track, and ensure appropriate quality strategy at each step.

Enhance productivity through automation

Intelligent systems, robotic process automation and mobile access are changing what’s possible. IQVIA gives you turnkey access to business-transforming technology, including

  • Document comparison tools that make diagnostic efforts easier
  • Structured content authoring capabilities to help manage data in submissions
  • Automation of duplicative, high-effort, low-complexity tasks

At IQVIA, we are also combining multiple capabilities into customized expert systems to enhance productivity to help reduce the burden of administrative tasks.

Regulatory compliance

Automate and streamline your regulatory management from correspondence to commitments to registration and tracking. 

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Reduce risk throughout product lifecycles

The IQVIA RIM system helps manage the costs of maintaining established products efficiently, which can be key to maximizing revenue potential.
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Clinical Monitoring

Enhance patient safety and study quality by using data, analytics, and technology to monitor patient, site, and study performance with risk-based and centralized monitoring.

Lifecycle Safety

Use AI, machine learning, NLP and new technologies to streamline pharmacovigilance, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and meet safety demands.

Medical Writing

Create transparency in your regulatory documents with a range of medical writing services that deliver quality and timeliness throughout your product development lifecycle.

Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Harness the power of automation to execute streamlined end-to-end safety solutions while reducing costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Automate and standardize your regulatory management, from correspondence and commitments to registration and tracking.

Commercial Compliance

Partner with compliance experts to create, implement and manage efficient, end-to-end processes that ensure your organization is compliant with global engagement and transparency regulations and codes.

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