Today’s constantly developing technologies are pushing the boundaries of medical devices’ capabilities, adding new benefits and features that enhance patients’ lives and create new categories of buyers and influencers who play a larger role.
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Get ahead and stay ahead by proving your value

Regional markets face several challenges, including ever-changing regulatory environments, pricing and profitability obstacles, risks of delayed time-to-market, denied launch approval requests, product recalls and penalties. IQVIA has the tools and the expertise to help you address these new requirements. From basic market assessment and intelligence to compliance, lifecycle solutions and outcomes analysis. Setting up your devices and diagnostics for success.

Utilize IQVIA’s transformative technology to push your innovative possibilities further. Exploit our unparalleled data capabilities for better and deeper insights.

IQVIA offers innovative solutions that cover your product’s lifecycle.

Clinical Development Solutions

  • Development Strategy and Analytics
  • Clinical Development

Commercial Solutions

  • Market Assessment and Entry
  • Product Branding and Positioning
  • Launch Support
  • Performance Measurement
  • Commercial Execution

Quality, Regulatory, Safety, and Compliance Solutions

  • Consulting Services
  • Quality Management
  • Regulatory
  • Vigilance and Safety
  • Remediation Services

Real World Evidence

  • Outcomes Research
  • Health Economics
  • Market Access
  • EPI and Safety

Technology Solutions

  • Safety, Regulatory, and Commercial Compliance
  • Information Management
  • Content Management
  • Performance Management
  • Multi-Channel Engagement
  • Social-Media/Digital