Commercial Analytics

IQVIA provides segmentation and targeting, call planning and resource optimization, multichannel marketing, and performance management and compensation solutions for clients throughout the Middle East and Africa.
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Boost your commercial efforts with accurate and reliable analytics

IQVIA executes projects across the complete spectrum of analytics sophistication. Our solutions are differentiated by combining intelligence assets, life science-specific domain expertise, understanding of the Middle Eastern healthcare ecosystem, and true global reach.

We replace assumptions with comprehensive evidence based analytics driven by access to unmatched breadth and depth of healthcare data.

We help you chart a more precise and predictable path to product approval and beyond through:

  • Deep insights informed by evidence and experience
  • Data: Unmatched global prescriber and patient data
  • Expertise: Industry leading therapeutic and operational expertise
  • Intelligence analytics: Teams of expert in analytics and machine learning
  • Technology: Groundbreaking built for purpose platforms

We provide a wide array of offerings to address client needs across a products life span. From pre- and post-launch research to promo effectiveness assessment, KOL mapping and disease insights, IQVIA can help you launch a successful product and ensure its success.

With the emergence of new trends that are impacting the pharmaceutical market in the Middle East and Africa region, IQVIA has the capabilities and solutions to help mitigate operational risks and increase predictability, provide better launch planning and shorten timelines, and help you make better decisions and maximize profitability.

Commercial Analytics Solutions
Pre-Launch Research

Design successful launch programs with accurate and reliable analytics

Post-Launch Research

Measure and monitor brand performance

Promotional Effectiveness Insights

Take impactful corrective actions

KOL Mapping

Identify and profile the Key Opinion Leaders in a Therapy area

Disease Insights

Understand therapy-level dynamics better