Differentiate and Win in The African Pharma Market
Understanding the Latent Potential
White Paper
Mar 06, 2019

By the year 2050, the population of Africa is expected to double. It is predicted that of the additional 2.4 billion people expected to be living on the planet by the year 2050, 1.3 billion will be living in Africa. Eventually, the future of the continent will be driven by its demographic allocation. As the demographics evolve and infrastructure improves, healthcare is becoming more and more prominent. Within the healthcare space, the true potential of pharmaceutical markets is yet to be harnessed. The estimated value of Africa's pharmaceutical market took a leap to $20 billion in the year 2018.

IQVIA's latest whitepaper - Differentiate and Win in The African Pharma Market – explores Africa's Pharmaceutical Market and discusses the PANTHER approach to entering and making the most of the plethora of opportunities in this emerging market. Download and read it now.

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