Automate monitoring to mitigate risk while improving your study quality

As a clinical operations leader, your goal is to execute high-quality, safe studies delivered in the most cost-effective manner possible. This is where the IQVIA Centralized Monitoring platform excels, using integrated technology and analytics to provide timely insights into key risk and performance indicators of your overall study at patient, site, program or portfolio levels.

Clinical Monitoring

Our Centralized Monitoring technology platform provides you with:

  • Transparency to the status of your trial with the detail you need for informed decisions.
  • Key risk indicator and trigger management to manage risk throughout your trial.
  • In-depth subject-level data review to ensure medical congruency.
  • Predictive and advanced analytics to proactively identify risks and prevent issues.
  • Site support with enhanced data flow for increased study compliance.

Get the most out of your monitoring efforts with a complete approach to risk management, using automated workflows for streamlined monitoring and improving quality, with timely insights to enhance patient safety and overall trial outcomes.

And, IQVIA’s Centralized Monitoring platform is at the core of a proven RBM model that delivers the highest rate of customer satisfaction in the market.

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​Data-driven Trial Execution