Identify study quality and patient safety issues earlier.

Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are enabling more precise decision making in clinical monitoring. See how centralized clinical monitoring from IQVIA can enhance study quality, add efficiency, and improve patient safety.
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Mitigate risk, improve study quality

Clinical monitoring can account for up to 50% of study costs. IQVIA's clinical monitoring solutions integrate technology, data, analytics, and expert knowledge to create flexible, customized solutions that can reduce the cost of trial oversight by up to 25% - all while improving operations.  

More data, fewer issues

IQVIA's Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM) is proven to drive faster access to high quality data. With predictive and advanced analytics, you can identify and address issues earlier, creating efficiencies and improving safety for patients. Additional benefits include

  • In-depth, subject-level data to ensure medical congruency
  • Consolidated data on a single, automated platform
  • Demonstrated effectiveness for nearly all therapeutic areas and phases
IQVIA's Experience

300 studies

delivered using risk based monitoring across 39,000+ sites

Centralized meets risk-based

It takes both experience and technology to effectively maximize risk-based monitoring. Our centrally located clinical monitors continuously review and analyze data, including a subject-level review process, to deliver insights that identify and mitigate risks across sites and patients as well as the study itself.

Automation drives excellence

IQVIA's centralized monitoring platform powers a more efficient approach to risk management by using automated workflows, resulting in 

  • Detailed transparency to trial status
  • Key risk indicator and trigger management
  • Enhanced data flow for increased compliance

IQVIA Risk-Based Monitoring approach

Capabilities and outcomes

Combining risk-based and centralized monitoring enables subject-level surveillance and improves patient safety. Targeted site support enhances CRA efficiency. And the combination yields measurable improvements in outcomes.

Our Latest Thinking on Risk-Based Monitoring
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