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Backed by the world's largest store of commercial healthcare data, experts from IQVIA can help you see your product, market and competitors with greater clarity. So you see things you might otherwise have missed.
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Identify opportunity, maximize potential

Successfully maximize results for your portfolio and build your business for the longer term. From global views to local studies, IQVIA’s unparalleled breadth and depth of data combined with advanced analytics supports your business intelligence at every level.

  • Assess your own and competitor market size, share and growth dynamics across drugs, diseases and countries
  • Find the most promising areas to focus investments and grow your business
  • Refine your business model to manage the requirements of a specific country or region
  • Review the profitability of legacy brands, and where they are headed, today and tomorrow
  • Understand therapies most likely to gain approval in an increasingly demanding payer environment
  • Prepare for the impact of loss of protection on your markets
  • Predict the effect of competitor launches on your therapy areas
  • Identify key dynamics of a therapy or disease area
  • Make effective decisions with robust global deals intelligence
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

96,000 deals

tracked since 1996
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

10,000 drugs

covered in quarterly analytics and forecasts across 600 diseases and 70+ countries
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

31K+ HTA records

helping inform payer decisions
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

27K price records

including treatments at each available pack size and strength across the EU-5 and the US

Machine learning brings new insights to light

What sets IQVIA analytics and insights apart isn’t only the depth of our data. It’s the power of our algorithms to uncover precisely the type of information that’s most valuable to your business goals. By using statistical analysis to identify patterns and predict outcomes, we can help you

  • Understand disease dynamics: See the key medicines used in treating specific conditions and the predicted impact of future launches on an indication

  • Find the right doctors: Uncover high-potential healthcare providers for your drug, and recommend when and how to contact them

  • Demonstrate value to payers: Develop customized market insights backed by more than 26,000 Health Technology Assessment records and more than 4,200 pricing records

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