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For government agencies and organizations at every level—from federal or national to regional and local—Big Data can have a huge impact on public health. 
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Improve healthcare for all with actionable insights and predictive analytics.

In line with your mission, IQVIA is distinctly positioned to help turn information into actionable insights so you can optimize resources against your objectives. We apply our deep healthcare expertise, advanced analytics and predictive modeling to global, national and subnational data enabling you to maximize outcomes for patients and populations.

We also monitor and report on health care delivery and patient consumption trends, assist in reducing the delivery footprint by bringing innovation to patient engagement, and help make data easier to understand and interpret.

Government customers successfully use our innovative solutions to address a wide range of goals:

  • Global Disease and Pharmaceutical Surveillance
  • Determining actionable ways to better patient access to care
  • Optimize use of healthcare delivery resources (staff and service equipment)
  • Build and Maintain Patient Registries
  • Support Clinical Trials (in all phases of development cycle)
  • Identification of adherence to or change drivers that improve provider treatment guidelines
  • Healthcare Performance Measurement
  • Patient and Provider Engagement through digital health innovation
  • Assisting in Healthcare Specific MDM solutions
  • Faster and better predictive analytics methodologies
  • Establishing Provider Networks
  • Performing Real World Evidence Studies

Other common applications include demonstrating treatment value, health economics and outcomes research, data analysis around patient and policy impact, prescription-condition relationships and cost management.

Government Solutions to Meet the Toughest Healthcare Challenges

The new healthcare economy demands that stakeholders prove their value.
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