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Gain insights into where products are sold. For more than 40 years, IQVIA has been the pharmaceutical industry's standard bearer for sales information.
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Rapidly adapt sales plans to maximize performance.

Today customers rely on the IQVIA CORE™, with the largest source of curated healthcare information in the world to:

  • Monitor and forecast weekly and monthly sales and unit sales across 90+ categories of providers
  • Target key outlets to aid in constructing product sales and market access strategies
  • Capitalize on the industry’s most robust and defined outlet directories

IQVIA sources information from more than 550 suppliers including nearly 100 pharmaceutical manufacturers to create these key sales data offerings:

  • National Sales Perspectives® (NSP): Nationally projected sales activities
  • DDD®: Sub-nationally linked sales activities by outlet
  • MIDAS®: Integrated global sales activities from over 70 country panels

Contact us to get access to the most comprehensive source of pharmaceutical sales information.

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