US Market Access Quarterly Advisor
1st Quarter 2019
Mar 27, 2019
Previously the Contract Performance Solutions Quarterly Advisor, the US Market Access Quarterly Advisor is brought to you by the IQVIA™ US Market Access Center of Excellence, a cross-functional team of more than 350 seasoned market access experts strategically aligned to bring the speed to market and optimal gross-to-net value our clients seek from their market access investments. In this edition, we discuss current challenges to patient savings programs, how manufacturers should be thinking about Copay Centers of Excellence, our recently launched CPS-MCO and what this means to rebate processing, validation, and compliance, and how the market access landscape looks for your new-to-launch brand. With this broader team we hope to bring more value to our readers by also bringing a broader range of topics and perspectives on market access related issues facing pharmaceutical manufacturers.
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