Orchestrated Customer Engagement
​Build customer trust and loyalty through more effective engagement
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Orchestrated Customer Engagement offers life sciences companies an unparalleled opportunity to overcome one of the most difficult challenges the industry is currently facing: lack of trust among prescribers and other healthcare professionals. By streamlining communications and coordinating customer interactions, OCE helps life sciences organizations build trust-based relationships with HCPs and increase the effectiveness of all their engagements with healthcare professionals.

Seventy-five percent of physicians surveyed by Deloitte Consulting in 2015 indicated a lack of trust in the information that pharmaceutical companies provide. In the 2015 EPG Health Media survey and a quarter of the HCPs surveyed said they did not allow meetings with pharma representatives because of a lack of trust or transparency. Pharmaceutical companies already face significant challenges from increased market competition to the rise of specialized drug therapies as they strive to gain leads among healthcare professionals and convert them into sales. Perhaps, more than any other challenge, it is this lack of trust and confidence that requires Life Sciences companies to go the extra mile to engage HCPs in more positive ways.

Orchestrated Customer Engagement is an innovative strategy that helps Life Sciences companies align their sales and marketing functions, integrate customerengagement activities across the organization, and support it all with a foundation of robust information management. The OCE platform enables companies to manage an increasingly complex mix of direct and indirect communication channels, run effective campaigns based on actual customer needs and preferences, and achieve more productive engagement with all customer segments through consistent, targeted outreach.

By making OCE a strategic priority, Life Sciences organizations can build stronger bonds of trust with their customers, improve brand loyalty, and achieve their commercial goals with greater ease and efficiency. Fortunately, Life Sciences organizations can make the move to OCE at their own pace. OCE is evolutionary, which means that Life Sciences companies can take a phased approach, developing their strategy step-by-step and implementing it in stages. Best of all, companies that want to implement OCE can leverage their previous investments and build on their existing skills and resources as they work toward full orchestration.


Orchestrated Customer Engagement is a new strategy for customer engagement that represents the next big step in Life Sciences sales and marketing.

Traditionally, Life Sciences companies are organized as a series of disconnected vertical silos, a structure that limits companies’ ability to provide dynamic, or at a minimum, positive customer experiences for HCPs. Vertical functions such as sales and marketing tend to focus on their individual objectives, systems and messages rather than collaborating on more effective and connected customer engagements.

OCE removes the barriers that typically separate vertical functions and enables them to collaborate effectively with the support of strategic IT systems. OCE creates horizontal integration across four key customerengagement activities — multichannel marketing (MCM), sales force effectiveness (SFE), market access and medical affairs. A horizontal mindset all customerfacing functions have the context, precision, consistency and transparency of information that enables them to coordinate their decisions and activities, deepen trust, and avoid customer confusion.

OCE makes it possible for employees in each functional area to see and understand how others in the company are interacting with customers. The employees and representatives responsible for a company’s communication and marketing channels are no longer isolated from their colleagues. Instead, they can look left and look right to see what everyone else is doing. OCE combines the automation of multichannel marketing with the human touch of traditional sales and the power of next-generation technology, to improve and deepen customer engagement.

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