France Gender Equality Index

IQVIA is committed to maintaining a culture of inclusion in which people from all backgrounds can fully contribute to the growth and success of our business. Attracting, developing and advancing diverse talent at all levels is critical to our business and is an essential element of our inclusive innovative workplace. Women currently represent 60.5% of our workforce in France. IQVIA is a pay for performance company.

The French Government recently introduced new legislation creating a “Gender Equality Index.” The Index is comprised of five indicators that add to a possible total score of 100 for the entities measured by it. Like other companies, IQVIA France is required to publish the results of its business as measured by the Gender Equality Index. IQVIA reports the following results for 2018 for our two legal entities:

  • 77/100 for Commercial
  • 74/100 for Clinical

This Index includes five indicators:

  • The average gap in total remuneration between women and men weighted by grade and age group
  • The difference in the rates of salary increases between men and women
  • The difference in the promotion rates between men and women
  • The salary increases for employees returning from maternity leave
  • Gender balance of the top 10 highest paid employees.
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