A smarter approach to channel strategy.

As the ecosystem of stakeholders in healthcare expands, so do the number of ways to reach them. But precision matters - value, not volume, wins. IQVIA can help optimize your channel investment strategy, and improve confidence and returns.
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Get the most out of your multichannel marketing plan

IQVIA's machine learning-powered commercial analytics help you move with precision, speed, and at scale to reach customers and healthcare professionals (HCPs) on their preferred channels. Through informed personal and non-personal promotions, advanced analytics can boost personal and non-personal promotions, getting your message in front of the right person at exactly the right moment. And you can refine communication over time with performance-based budget decisions that optimize your ROI and future promotional spend.

Dive in: Multichannel marketing with IQVIA

Take a trip through this interactive infographic. Click around and explore how IQVIA’s Multichannel Marketing Optimization solution delivers real results. Learn how we use multiple data sets and machine learning to understand how effective you and your competitors have been. And not just by channel, but also by audience, and in local and regional markets around the world.

Dive deeper: promotional optimization with IQVIA

You’ve run a successful campaign. Now what? Click around this interactive infographic to learn what it takes to stay competitive long-term, and how IQVIA can help get you there.

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