Targeting done right.

Using predictive analytics and machine learning, IQVIA can identify providers most likely to be interested in your brand, and the optimal time for engagement.
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Break through the noise of big data

As sales forces shrink and become more specialized, precise targeting is essential. Providers, in turn, are expecting more relevant messages, information and even decision support.

Being able to target messages, timing and channels lets you get the most out of skilled people, and integrate digital engagement channels in ways that move the needle -- and move your business forward.

IQVIA is using predictive analytics, powered by machine learning, to cut through unnecessary information to find key patterns, helping you be more agile, and more effective.

  • Which patients have the highest need for your therapy?
  • Which doctors are most likely to prescribe?
  • How can you mitigate risks of adherence issues?
  • Which communications channels will be most effective?

A more modern approach

In the past, commercial teams sent mass messages, using only prescribing records as a guide. Today, IQVIA's algorithms take a multi-source approach, using patient base, professional associations, and prior prescribing behavior to identify likely prescribers.

Accuracy matters

Your targeting strategy is only as accurate as the data it’s built on. That's why OneKey records are continually updated by 700 experienced researchers with country-specific knowledge. In fact, there are 1.5 million updates each month. OneKey gives you the facts about:

  • Who is driving treatment paths and decisions with current information on official structures, positions and roles
  • How professionals and organizations are affiliated with one another
  • What you need to know, with 250+ attributes and a harmonized view of HCPs and HCOs.
  • OneKey is also compliant with regulations on data privacy and changing formats of local healthcare delivery environments. And it’s optimized for integration with APIs accessible anytime, anywhere – to your team or ours.
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The data behind the insights

By integrating longitudinal, non-identified, patient-level data with OneKey provider data, we can help customers make better resourcing decisions, from where to deploy sales teams to how to adjust quickly to market changes. 
By mining global healthcare data sets, machine learning algorithms can identify which physicians in a community are most likely to prescribe a treatment based on their practice makeup, network, prescribing behavior, and lifetime prescribing value.
IQVIA White Paper: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Drive Commercial Success
Our latest thinking on leveraging AI/ML
Leveraging AI outside the US is markedly different than using it in the US because of the great variance of non-standard data sets that exist in different countries.
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