Maximizing MedTech market performance with connected commercial solutions

The MedTech arena is expanding, steered by an increasing global demand for medical devices. However, companies trying to get devices and diagnostics to market have a lot of hurdles to clear. These include increased competition, ever-tightening healthcare budgets, payers that need proof of value, investors that are demanding faster return on investment, and a lack of MedTech-specialist data and support.

To move your product from initial concept to a successful market, ensuring patient access to technology and a return on investment, you need connected solutions across the product lifecycle, delivered by dedicated MedTech experts.

IQVIA can support your device through market entry and assessment, branding and positioning, product launch and pricing, reimbursement and sales. This is followed by our MedTech-tailored performance measurement that directs companies to the right customer base and optimizes your approach across the product lifecycle.

IQVIA can meet your commercial needs from concept-to-market, with:

  • access to a vast, curated and robust dataset including reference, patient-level, and sales data, and supported by analytics.
  • highly integrated MedTech-tailored solutions that create a truly connected offering.
  • robust and specialized primary and market intelligence capabilities helping complete any information gaps.
  • dedicated MedTech professionals who can support launches from both a local and global perspective.


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