Disease Awareness, Medical Strategy & Communication

Medical affairs and commercial teams are responsible for identifying KOLs whose advocacy can influence the success of your product, but that’s only step one. Life science companies have to engage with multiple stakeholders on the way to launching and maximizing the full potential of your product throughout the life-cycle.
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Create pre-launch awareness. Prepare the market.

IQVIA understands how disease awareness can increase the market size of a therapeutic area by building awareness of a targeted medical condition or new therapy. Our framework for pre-launch disease education includes KOL mapping and profiling, scientific communication platform design, stakeholder communication and engagement, and medical organization set-up and support. IQVIA provides perspective on where to publish, what is required, HEOR considerations, and medical organizational structure design to develop strong medical strategies.

Our comprehensive communications expertise includes stakeholder engagement plans and communication channel blueprints that:

  • Identify thought leaders and constituents who will be strong disease and product advocates
  • Design a scientific communication platform including medical communication objectives
  • Develop supporting disease awareness messages in line with objectives and audiences
  • Identify data sources and data generation activities to support scientific and disease state education statements

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