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Today there is more data than ever. Primary. Syndicated. Secondary. Each set provides important insights, but they need to be integrated. Current market research solutions leave a gap because they are unable to integrate the depth and breadth of insights required in today’s complex markets.
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In the past, a single research study might have been enough. Not anymore.

IQVIA Primary Intelligence is the exception. We integrate custom and syndicated research with our robust set of secondary data to deliver comprehensive integrated insights.

Our integrated research solutions capture all five of the interconnected cycles driving today’s complex markets.

The benefits to you are clear:

  • Assess the competitive actions and stakeholder inputs influencing each cycle to maximize brand performance at launch and across all stages of the lifecycle
  • Understand your brand’s level of execution and effectiveness within and across these cycles to improve brand performance
  • Connect cause and effect delivering insight into how these cycles interrelate and interact to help you drive new starts and increase lifetime patient value
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