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Empowered by the IQVIA CORE, our Market Access Strategy Consulting division is the team of seasoned, forward-thinking consultants you need to meet the challenges of today’s modern access and affordability landscape. 
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Rely on market-leading strategists to help you achieve maximum access and profitability.

You need to optimize patient access to your medications but face a far more restrictive and complex access environment than ever before. From contracting to co-pay assistance programs to pull-through, it has become critical that you determine the appropriate strategic mix for overcoming access challenges without sacrificing profitability. Partner with us to design and implement the solutions-based strategies required to:

  • Overcome the challenges associated with an increasingly restrictive payer environment. Our consultants can help you measure the effect of payer control on brand performance and the cascading influence of how prescribers behave in response to these controls and patient behaviors
  • Drive utilization. Our visibility into and understanding of consumer behavior as a function of out-of-pocket cost empowers us to help you design and implement a more effective strategy for sales execution, marketing mix allocations, and all varieties of patient assistance programs to gain and keep patients on therapy
  • Increase the profitability of your brands. Deep insights into the geographic variations of consumer, payer and prescriber behaviors, and extensive experience in designing and optimizing patient assistance programs, allows us to drive a demonstrable return for our clients and maximum profit for their brands

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Battling the Big Squeeze: How Understanding Demand and Margin Can Improve Brand Performance

As part of joining the global effort to proactively fight COVID-19, IQVIA is closely watching market, brand, payer, prescriber, and patient trends amongst many others.
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Patient Affordability

This series looks at Patient Affordability, examining the implications of increasing pharmacy cost exposure on patient behavior, and the mitigating role of co-pay card programs in the commercial market. Download the complete series in our comprehensive white paper, or review each article individually by navigating the links below.

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If you have an interest in or have passion for the intersection of healthcare and technology, the Market Access Strategy Consulting team represents an exceptional opportunity to start or grow your career. Our division has 2 locations and is currently recruiting talented individuals at all levels to join our team as we assist our clients in transforming their market access strategy.

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Office Locations

201 Broadway, 5th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139 

San Francisco:
425 Market Street, 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

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