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Leveraging information to drive commercial success.
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IQVIA understands the evolving dynamics of the healthcare industry.

One element of the IQVIA CORE is the largest set of curated healthcare information in the world. Our clients rely on this data, combined with advanced analytics, best-in-class technology, and domain expertise to enable their commercial success.

Leverage data for these mission-critical insights:

  • Identify opportunities for global and local levels
  • Optimize resources and align teams based on accurate segments, customer profiles, and territories
  • Monitor and Measure your sales and marketing impact
  • Share and integrate information across all customer-facing functions with a holistic understanding of your customer

Contact us to find out more about how the largest source curated healthcare information can guide your commercial success.

Essential Information Solutions
OneKey Reference Data Set

Innovative provider reference solutions to revolutionize your business

Prescription Information

Gain the most accurate and reliable view of market demand

Real World Data

Gain a holistic view of the patient’s healthcare experience

Sales Information

Gain insights into where products are sold

Survey Audits

Gain insight into physician share of mind

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Managed Markets Data & Analytic Solutions

Inform your access strategy with critical insights into payer, provider and patient behavior.

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Deliver prescriptive analytics to optimize performance

Enterprise Information Management

Harness the power of your data

Field Force Operations

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