Harness and aggregate customer insights across multiple channels

You need to improve customer engagement to maximize the performance of your brand. Let our Multichannel Marketing Practice be your partner for measurement and insight by identifying data driven customer insights to power your multichannel engagement strategy.

  • Acquire powerful insights about each channels’ contribution to sales
  • Gain valuable insight into where to invest your next dollar
  • Learn what is driving customer engagement within the campaign and at what cost
  • Optimize campaign targeting based on customer engagement and Rx impact

IQVIA have a proven framework to help companies in any stage of the multichannel and analytic maturity model progress along the continuum


With IQVIA Multichannel Marketing practice by your side, you can:

  • Generate actionable insights to inform, evaluate, and optimize customer and campaign plans, focusing on “why” and “what’s next”
  • Develop customer-focused and integrated multi-channel plans and campaigns to drive business impact
  • Perform statistical analysis to understand and predict engagement, impact, investment, and marketing mix

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