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IQVIA Remote Detailing solutions empower sales and medical roles with a flexible, compliant way to interact virtually with healthcare providers (HCPs).

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Special offers on IQVIA Remote Detailing solutions
As life sciences organizations respond to COVID-19, there is an urgent need for virtual interactions tools. To help with this transition, IQVIA is offering OCE Remote Detailing and IQVIA Remote Detailing licenses free of charge for six months of usage.
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The detailing paradigm has shifted

With physicians busier than ever and more reliant on the Internet for information, rep access is more limited. Further restrictions during this period of social distancing add greater urgency to remote engagement solutions.

Life sciences companies are looking for alternative channels to meet with HCP stakeholders. IQVIA Remote Detailing helps field teams overcome the challenges of scheduling face-to-face details and calling on large territories. IQVIA Remote Detailing solutions are available natively integrated with OCE Sales or MI, and as a standalone offering.

An integral channel within OCE Sales

Embedded in OCE Sales, OCE Remote Detailing adds a versatile digital method for conducting personal engagements with HCPs. This solution enables sales and medical teams to connect remotely with one customer or many at the same time, capture their consent, share approved content, and present surveys.

Managing remote interactions in the context of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform like OCE Sales ensures a more tailored and relevant experience for the HCP. Field representatives, sales managers, and medical science liaisons treat remote interactions as an integral part of their CRM functions including account strategy, call planning, and execution, as well as target attainment and reporting.

  • Send email invitations to HCPs directly from within OCE Sales, then track responses for the remote call
  • Assign product and key messages to content, and designate mandatory content for delivery during remote interactions
  • Launch the Remote Detailing player from the call screen and display one or more presentations
  • Add note about remote interaction to the Activity History, interwoven with all prior touch points
  • Capture call data about each remote interaction including topics, products, presentations shown, HCP reactions, call duration, and more

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OCE Remote Detailing fact sheet

Empower sales and medical professionals to interact with HCPs on the customers’ terms.
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IQVIA Remote Detailing provides a secure, compliant standalone solution

For customers who are using other CRM solutions, including Mobile Intelligence, IQVIA Remote Detailing offers the convenience of a standalone web-based application that connects anywhere, on any device.

IQVIA Remote Detailing uses cloud-based content, video, and voice for a more engaging experience that results in higher customer retention of content.

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