Plan more effective multichannel interactions.

Maximize your commercial resources and channels by planning individualized and orchestrated customer interactions through responsive alignments and employee rosters, intuitive segmentations, and agile activity plans.
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Optimize your engagement model

Life sciences companies seeking to maximize their go-to-market resources require more than what traditional territory alignment and roster management applications can offer. Static annual alignments and call plans limited to personal touch points no longer suffice in today’s fast-moving industry.

Commercial organizations are looking for a new platform that accounts for changing business priorities, HCP affiliations, and prescribing patterns while planning dynamic personal and digital engagements.

Introducing OCE Optimizer

IQVIA OCE Optimizer is engineered to address the complexity of planning and adjusting interactions with many customer stakeholders through multiple channels. This game-changing new solution draws intelligent insights from prior HCP interactions to modify alignments, targets, and engagement plans on demand.

IQVIA OCE Optimizer Explainer

A strategic companion to OCE

Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE) introduced coordination of commercial functions and true multichannel interactions to life sciences companies. IQVIA OCE Optimizer extends the OCE platform with capabilities to plan highly targeted personal and digital customer engagements.

Life sciences companies use OCE Optimizer to build and continuously evolve alignments, segments, and multichannel plans. These plans make OCE Sales and OCE Marketing more effective solutions for team selling and campaign execution. And customers have the flexibility to determine how frequently strategic plans get revised.

Commercial teams can also publish the latest alignments, segments, and engagement plans to a variety of third-party CRM and MCM applications.

Maximize the impact of commercial resources and engagement channels

OCE Optimizer features three major areas of functionality that use artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance customer data profiles over time.

  • Responsive alignments – Create sophisticated field alignments and a centralized employee roster using visual workflow-based rules, then balance and optimize outliers with realignments
  • Intuitive segmentation – Build segments and identify targets using the intuitive segmentation builder, then apply dynamic profile data to refine targets
  • Agile engagement plans – Establish plans for personal and digital interactions, then course-correct plans based on customer behavior and market conditions

Best in class platform

OCE Optimizer’s cloud platform offers the scalability to support baseline and surge requirements, an intuitive and flexible business rules engine, and more technical innovations

  • Modern architecture with built-in data privacy and security
  • Configurability of specific customer requirements
  • Extensible customer data model provides a repository of essential information
  • Pre-built connectors integrate common sources of customer data
  • Ada machine learning generates more intelligent HCP profiles

OCE Optimizer fact sheet

Discover how life science companies can better leverage their commercial resources and channels by planning individualized and orchestrated customer interactions through responsive alignments, intuitive segmentations, and agile engagement plans.
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