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Keeping up with evolving disclosure requirements is a challenge for many compliance professionals and organizations. Discover how IQVIA can help you adeptly report spend and maintain compliance across the globe. 

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Capture, collect, and report spend with IQVIA Transparency Reporting

IQVIA Transparency Reporting reduces cost by simplifying HCP and HCO spend aggregation, improving data validation and mitigating risk. 
To help you stay focused on the bigger picture, this intuitive software collects data from both automated and manual sources to provide:
  • A global solution, easily adapted to local needs
  • Complete reporting coverage – 324 reports covering 48 countries
  • Day 1 capacity to integrate with CRM, ERP, T&E and other internal or external data sources
  • Embedded legal monitoring and alerts
  • Upstream data validation, augmentation and remediation 

Allow our 20+ years of transparency reporting and legal expertise to be your guide. With the largest number of global implementations to date, find out why the world’s leading life sciences companies use IQVIA for their compliance needs. 

IQVIA Transparency Reporting

Deliver an intuitive user experience with best-in-class technology

Submitting reports is a breeze with IQVIA Transparency Reporting’s seamless user experience. Easily access key spend information among thousands of records with user-centric tools like built-in dashboards and snapshots of spend. Quickly find spend discrepancies and remediate system-wide errors with expandable payment details and mass edit functionality. With IQVIA Transparency Reporting, it’s quick and easy to complete your reports on time. 

Built-in global report coverage for all your aggregate spend needs

Global transparency requirements are constantly evolving. As changes are introduced, we keep you compliant across the globe with automated updates to IQVIA Transparency Reporting. 
Our dedicated legal experts track more than 320 reports and 40 industry codes at a national, state and city level. From U.S. and French Sunshine, to EFPIA, MedTech Europe, Dutch Registry, Portugal Infarmed, Brazil’s Minas Gerais TOV, Chicago Pharma Rep Disclosure, and more – we’ve got you covered.
Compliance Resource
Global Transparency Regulatory Report
Stay on top of the latest transparency legislation, regulations, and codes around the world. In this report, you will find global reporting deadlines, covered recipient definitions, submission requirements, and additional details to keep you compliant.
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Drive better decisions with at-a-glance insights into spend data

Included with the base solution, IQVIA Transparency Analytics is a next generation tool with actionable dashboards and reports to help you analyze your spend data for combined business and compliance value. 
Leverage IQVIA’s next generation analytics solution to: 

  • Assess data quality so you can correct errors upstream
  • Rapidly identify compliance risks such as irregular spend patterns
  • Monitor field force activities in real-time
  • Review individual transactions to ensure completeness and accuracy of spend data prior to report submission
IQVIA's Experience

20+ years

serving the life sciences industry in compliance
IQVIA's worldwide compliance expertise

324 reports

tracked by our dedicated legal team
IQVIA's worldwide compliance expertise

60+ implementations

of Transparency Systems globally
IQVIA's worldwide compliance expertise


Transparency Assessments and Audits
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Beyond technology — expert legal and compliance services

Every business faces its own challenges for transparency reporting. IQVIA's transparency reporting experts flexibly adapt to your business, scaling as needs grow and change.

From data collection and validation to report generation and final submission, our experts support or fully manage your transparency process. We ensure teams are policy compliant and up-to-date on all global regulations, creating and implementing efficient and effective transparency programs. 

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