Bring clarity and transparency to market pricing trends

In today’s healthcare climate, it’s a frustrating process to keep up to date with rapid changes in market pricing. IQVIA PriceBOX uses machine learning to generate accurate, transparent price metrics in real-time.

With so many sources of pricing data, a seamless and unified approach is needed to visualize the complex and quickly evolving pricing landscape.

PriceBOX is a web-based platform that allows quick and easy visualization of pricing data in one place, centralized across your company to pull pricing information in seconds.

The platform aggregates real-time data - including pricing and dosing - into user-friendly views that help users monitor market trends for specific therapy areas on a global scale.

With powerful analytics and machine learning-based predictions, PriceBOX creates a consistent approach to defining assumptions. The tool transforms your pricing information from unit data to patient-relevant metrics that allow comparisons across products, manufacturers, markets and geographies.

PriceBOX has unified our approach to market pricing analysis – no more spreadsheets and ‘black box’ formulae. It’s simple, transparent, and quick to use.
Market Planner, Top-25 Biotech Company

Simple, data-driven results in real-time

Pricing analysis first requires gaining access to fresh, high-quality data and making sense of differences in dosing, pack size, and duration of treatment. But that’s not enough: to make sense of changes, users need to understand those trends in the context of an entire market. PriceBOX uses a powerful predictive analytics engine that uses machine learning algorithms, so you can see market-wide patterns more easily and with better granularity.

  • With data leveraged from the IQVIA CORE, as well as your own bespoke datasets, you can connect disparate data sources in real-time
  • One set of numbers provides a common pricing framework across your organization, meaning you can make critical decisions across many stakeholders from finance to commercial
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics allows you to clearly see key drivers of price changes in complex, quickly changing markets
  • With consistent pricing comparison and clear methods for prediction, the generation of business-wide insights to inform key decisions becomes a simple task
More than 200 people across our company use PriceBOX to compare market trends and to do “apples to apples” comparisons between products … incredibly powerful analytics.
Director of Pricing and Market Access, Top-5 Pharma Company

Utilize the power of the IQVIA CORE™

The IQVIA CORE™ combines unparalleled 35+ petabytes of unique data with the application of advanced analytics, to provide the insights you need to make more informed decisions. PriceBOX utilizes this to help with the analysis of market pricing and the critical decision-making involved in the evolving pricing landscape.

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