Anticipate threats and discover possibilities.

Analyze and monitor the development landscape with access to more than 40,000 drug profiles to drive better-informed decisions in every aspect of commercialization.
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Monitor competitors, evaluate opportunities and track therapy areas

Covering drugs from discovery to launch, pipeline information from IQVIA supports better decision-making from product launch to optimization. From evaluating future threats to identifying new opportunities for licensing partnerships, IQVIA collates and manages information on drugs in discovery to launch from more than 7,500 companies. It's a powerful way to monitor pipelines of competitors or target companies.

See the pipeline in perspective 

The pharmaceutical industry is in both the best and worst of times. Breakthroughs in both science and technology are filling pipelines and fueling profitability. But competition and specialization are growing, along with costs. 

IQVIA gives you data and analytics that let you precisely align your development strategy to critical market drivers, by letting you:

  • Evaluate the progress of R&D, gain insights into development trends across the industry, and monitor therapy class and indication pipelines
  • Review launch activity by indication and therapeutic area, and monitor the entry of biotechnology drugs
  • Access to up-to-date pipeline and product launch data.
Solutions for every stage

Discover unrealized connections and manage your product across the entire lifecycle, from research and development, compliance to launch and commercialization.

Pipeline Architect

Build and compare potential pipeline development strategies quickly and transparently.

Forecasting & Franchise Strategy

Strengthen your portfolio by making more informed decisions and fewer assumptions, and prepare for the impact of new research discoveries and events.

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