Seizing the Potential of Outsourcing
​A white paper from IQVIA, in partnership with pharmaphorum
White Paper

The power and potential of outsourcing has long been recognized as a core enabler of business growth. Yet while the pharmaceutical industry has been making strides in this area, there is still some way to go to realize the full potential; only in the past decade has the industry started to use outsourcing in downstream commercial functions – an area poised to reap the most benefit.

However, it is not too late to embrace commercial outsourcing across functions and throughout the product lifecycle. The rewards are significant. Most notably, the opportunity to realize cost-efficiencies combined with the ability to rapidly scale and tap into immediate external knowledge

To assess the current and future direction of commercial outsourcing in this sector, IQVIA, in partnership with pharmaphorum, conducted both quantitative and qualitative research with pharmaceutical industry leaders to provide benchmarks for current levels of outsourcing and unique insights into its future direction.

The results show that the industry is highly diverse in its adoption of outsourcing and that there is no “onesize-fits-all” model for commercial operations. Flexible models that blend a mix of internal and external resources, combining long-term shared knowledge with a more liquid short-term workforce, are emerging as the best solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.


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