Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Drive Commercial Success
How pharma companies are harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning, rich real world data, and deep pharma knowledge to increase sales while reducing overhead.
White Paper
Oct 18, 2018

Sales and marketing teams in pharma sometimes have mere minutes to capture the attention of busy healthcare professionals who might prescribe their products. In today’s highly competitive environment, general sales pitches and mass emails are ineffective. Today’s life science marketing and brand strategists need highly specific information about their customers and their preferences in order to craft messages that cut through the noise and to engage them on a new level of precision. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the way to accomplish this. These tools enable brand teams to uncover physician and patient level insights, allowing them to design precision marketing and sales strategies that deliver better business results.

Optimizing brand performance requires aligning brand value and sales potential with specific market need. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies help make this optimization possible. When life sciences companies leverage machine learning tools for commercial applications, they can bring customer engagement to an entirely new level. For example, they can determine exactly which physicians are likely to prescribe their drugs, the marketing channels they are most likely to respond to, and the messaging that will have the biggest impact. These tools are equally impactful when engaging patients and payers in conversations about a product’s value, to spur interest and support.

These detailed insights help them make evidence-based decisions that increase sales while making better use of limited resources to maximize returns.

However, it only works when organizations have access to all of the necessary elements of a successful machine learning strategy, which includes advanced machine learning and analytics technology, access to integrated global industry data, deep healthcare industry knowledge, and the technical expertise to build algorithms that generate meaningful insights. Together these tools can transform the commercial strategy, and give brand teams an edge in the marketplace.


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