The right technology leads to the right decisions.

Make the right decisions and glean the right insights across your entire product lifecycle by tapping data science, advanced analytics and healthcare expertise from IQVIA Technologies.

A platform for life sciences innovation

Developing and commercializing new therapies is fast-paced, complex, and expensive. At IQVIA Technologies, we help life sciences companies accelerate innovation by improving productivity within functions while breaking down silos from molecule to market.

IQVIA provides purpose-built solutions that enable orchestration for stakeholders in clinical, real world, compliance and commercial. Greater connectivity and collaboration across the enterprise results in more timely insights, increased efficiency and smarter business decisions.

IQVIA's Expertise

8,200+ tech experts

Building solutions that meet unique needs in healthcare
IQVIA's Expertise

4,600+ data scientists

Including statisticians and analytic developers
IQVIA's Expertise

1,800+ PhDs

Bringing the unique insights across a range of disciplines to inform strategy and solutions
Technologies Solutions
Clinical Acceleration

Avoid the cost of failed sites and shorten trial timelines with evidence-based site activation and engagement technologies.

Content Management

Move to streamlined, risk-based processes to manage clinical, commercial and regulatory content.

Customer Engagement

Adapt your sales strategies and field force to meet the demands precision medicine creates for more precision and deeper information.

Performance Management and Insights (PM&I)

Get alignment on what to measure, eliminate duplicative reporting and make complex data easier to manage with our easy-to-deploy analytics suite.

Enterprise Information Management

Connect data across your organization with master data management and data warehouse capabilities, and transform the way you make business decisions.

Game-changing technology for your life-changing work

Artificial intelligence, breakthrough technologies and big data have business-changing potential. But healthcare companies need ways to realize the potential of innovation now, to make better business decisions and to make a greater impact on human health. IQVIA capabilities enable transformation across your business, including an intuitive user experience to transform technology adoption and bring maximum benefits to customers.

Seamless connectivity, built with a sophisticated set of software APIs to connect disparate data sources for easier interoperability.

Embedded intelligence, built with advanced analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to deepen insights and illuminate opportunity.

Intuitive design, built around consumer-grade user interfaces that are easy to learn and drive higher levels of productivity.

IQVIA Technologies – Accelerating Innovation and Transforming Decision Making

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