Insights driving better timelines and submissions

Getting the right outcomes out of your clinical trials is all about the data and insights they provide. Biostatistics in clinical trials isn’t just a necessity. Using the right approach, with expertise in biostatistics and clinical trial institutional knowledge, it can be a competitive advantage.

At IQVIA, we take an integrated approach. Seasoned biostatisticians apply their deep regulatory knowledge to help you navigate the complexities of study design, including sample size, number of studies, analysis methods, data displays and interpretations. With a global pool of experts and resources, providing speed and flexibility with study reporting.

Working with emerging biopharma firms and global pharmaceutical manufacturers alike, we deliver the trial-performance analytics and the timely insights you need to make the decisions that benefit your patients. Our clinical data analysis fuels your clinical trial success, from planning stages through execution to reduce costs and risks, while accelerating timelines and improving quality of submissions.

We turn information into power for you.