See how Human Data Science can help you fight cancer

Oncology is not one disease – it is hundreds of diseases. And you need as much insight as possible for the specific cancer you are targeting. Our researchers and data scientists are adding to our vast oncology data resources and building evidence networks to bring you those insights. This data and expertise, coupled with machine learning and advanced analytics, can help you shape clinical investments, pick the right sites, and accelerate your research. IQVIA’s oncology offerings also provide market and sales insights for your commercial teams to target messaging, measure brand performance, and maximize sales force effectiveness.

  • Leverage non-identified, integrated global data from more than 15 million oncology patients over 10 years in at least 30 primary cancers, including EMR and genomics data.
  • Gain access to our registry of over 2,000 oncology data sources with existing dynamic provider relationships
  • Work with a clinical team bringing expertise from IQVIA’s oncology studies across all of the new cancer treatment launches
  • Provide a rapid response to different questions from a breadth of stakeholders using our proven Evidence Platform technique in oncology utilizing multiple sources of real-world data and technology-enabled analytics
  • Deepen your understanding of real-world oncology outcomes with epidemiological studies, tumor modeling, and patient journey analysis
  • Improve discussions with regulators, payers, and providers using new evidence methods developed in collaborations with them

IQVIA has helped develop or commercialize 100% of 2016’s top 25 oncology products. And we've conducted more than 65 real world of late phase research studies in oncology since 2011.

Take oncology expertise to a new level, with meaningful insights based on the world’s largest curated healthcare data source and advanced analytics.


​Oncology Dynamics
CODE collaboration
A collaboration to harness Europe's anti-cancer medicine usage data 
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