A foundation of trustworthy insights

IQVIA’s Master Data Management (MDM) is a multi-domain solution, built on Reltio Cloud, that allows you to manage your key master data assets and ensure they can be used by the applications and people that make your business run. Scalable infrastructure. Flexible data models. This is what your users need to build a foundation of trustworthy insights. So you can move forward with confidence.

  • Maximize the value of reference data. Easily and quickly map reference data sets with user-friendly, intuitive interfaces that provide both import and export capabilities. Enhance your data with the support of pre-integrated reference data sources.
  • Create a unified, single view of your data assets. A central-source, common point of reference gives your data users reliable—and actionable—information. By cleansing and matching reference data and integrating it from across the enterprise in a centralized hub you can improve data usability in all of your business applications.
  • Deliver customized views. Different teams and systems require unique views of the Golden Record to support a range of business processes. Operational views supports these needs in real-time. Display appropriate information to the right user and efficiently share information within the confines of your IT architecture.

Master Data Management

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