Ari Bousbib

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Michael McDonnell

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

James Erlinger III

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Trudy Stein

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Karl Guenault

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Marla Kessler

Senior Vice President, Strategy, Marketing & Communications

Jim Berkshire

Senior Vice President, Business Operations

Global Business Unit Leaders

W. Richard Staub III

President, Research & Development Solutions

Kevin Knightly

President, Information and Technology Solutions

Jon Resnick

President, Real-World Insights

José Luis Fernández

President, Global Services

W. Richard Staub III

President, Research & Development Solutions

​Margaret Keegan

President, Clinical Operations

​Costa Panagos

Chief Executive Officer, Q² Solutions, a Quintiles Quest Joint Venture, Research & Development Solutions

​Neil Ralphson

SVP and Head of Sales and Account Management Research & Development Solutions NEMEA and CESE

Paul Spreen

EVP and Head of Sales, Account Management and Clinical Operations Research & Development Solutions U.S. and Canada

​Cynthia Verst

President, R&D Design and Delivery Innovations

​Hossam Sadek

​President, United States & Canada

​Elisabeth Beck

​President, Central, East & South Europe

​Alistair Grenfell

President, North Europe, Middle East & Africa

​Nilton Paletta

​President, Latin America

​Anand Tharmaratnam

​President, Asia Pacific

​Norihiko Minato

​President, Japan