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A successful new product launch is one of the most important things a company can do. To maximize your chances of success, it’s vital to understand the planning steps that are required. IQVIA Launch Lighthouse helps teams identify those crucial pre-launch activities and plan, coordinate, and track them to drive launch success.

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Comprehensive launch tracking to drive long-term success

In IQVIA’s most recent Launch Excellence report, the first six months of a new product’s launch can determine long-term success. And less than 20% of launches make significant improvements to performance after that critical six-month window.

Early and thorough launch preparation is crucial to maximizing the potential of a new asset during this critical period. But with launch being an infrequent event involving many disparate functions within a company, manufacturers struggle to track it optimally.

IQVIA’s Launch Lighthouse is a web-based solution that enables users to create and monitor personalized launch plans across their entire global portfolio. It provides the ability to create and track central functions and country-specific launches in real-time to ensure functions and groups are aligned. The platform utilizes IQVIA’s Launch Excellence framework, developed from best practices collected from over 100 product launches. Using this data, IQVIA teams will help develop a bespoke launch plan specific to your asset. That means you’ll be tracking the steps that really matter for launch in more detail and with more accuracy.

We use Launch Lighthouse to track launch preparation across more than 30 countries. The template-driven approach makes it simple for regional teams to quickly generate launch plans.

Global Director, Brand Lead, Top-20 Pharma Company

Improve organizational communication for launch

Time and resource pressures make efficient coordination and communication across your organization a challenge. With a detailed repository of steps across dozens of functions, tracking of inter-dependencies, and summary reporting straight into PowerPoint and Excel, Launch Lighthouse enables efficient collaboration across an organization and provides a comprehensive overview of launch readiness.

  • Real-world Launch Data   Store and preserve launch knowledge and experience over time, with a platform that’s built on data from more than 100 launches
  • Multi-user Editing –  All the functional groups in your entire company working on launch can update plans directly, with a single centralized plan that promotes real coordination
  • Tracking by Geography –  Build country-specific plans that allow global monitoring of affiliates and real-time launch activity updates
  • Identify Bottlenecks   Identify activities putting project timelines at risk and send automated notifications to relevant stakeholders
  • Delegate Workstreams   Delegate workstreams and expected timelines across the organization to ensure accountability
  • Real-time Reports   Share plans with key launch stakeholders with exportable and editable summary reports that promote transparency

We have hundreds of contractors – all using Lighthouse to co-ordinate with our internal teams on launch preparation … [The tool is] visual, and simple to use.

Launch Lead, Emerging Biopharmaceutical Company

Integration with the IQVIA CORE™

The IQVIA CORE™ integrates unparalleled data, advanced analytics, transformative technology and domain expertise to help you make insightful decisions. Launch Lighthouse leverages IQVIA’s best-in-class data from over 100+ product launches along with an easy to use interface to track progress towards key goals and provide a real-time overview so users can create effective launch plans for their assets.

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