MedTech clinical development strategies to drive clinical studies

It is an exciting time to be in the MedTech industry, as it grows, so does the opportunities to develop new and innovative devices. However, the clinical study process for MedTech can be complicated, especially with evolving global regulations. Many companies struggle with budget management, protocol design, clinician and patient recruitment, site management, study management, execution and data analytics. 

IQVIA™ can work alongside you throughout the development journey, validating and optimizing protocols, recruiting sites, investigators and patients, and managing data collection, analysis and management. Our experienced MedTech professionals can provide input into the development strategy and analytics, assess feasibility, help to create value propositions, and build evidence strategies based on real-world commercial and patient insights. 

Backed up by an in-depth knowledge of the existing regulatory hurdles and any upcoming changes that will have a specific impact on MedTech, IQVIA's product development solutions can accelerate and de-risk development for you and your company.

IQVIA can meet your product development needs from concept-to-market, with:

  • highly integrated MedTech-tailored clinical solutions that create a truly connected offering.
  • support for Class I-IV medical device studies, from pre-market R&D to post-market surveillance.
  • teams of device clinical experts and CRAs with extensive working relationships with sites and investigators.
  • end-to-end laboratory services supporting biomarker needs from discovery to commercial.