Human Science, meet Data Science

Reimagining how to advance health

We have entered an exciting time in human health. We have the potential to use a deeper understanding of human science (studying the biological, social, cultural factors affecting our health) to create cures, prevent illness, and enable better health. To build a world where people are empowered to make every healthcare decision the precisely right one for them.

Big Data can help – but not on its own

The promise of big data for health is tantalizing.  It gets bigger and faster almost by the minute, but it is unstructured, messy. And patient privacy must be protected without fail. Embracing data science to make sense of data is part of the answer, but traditional data science alone doesn’t solve the unique challenges that come from non-identified human data.

Illuminating a more relevant – more creative – way to make decisions

Human Data Science brings advances such as machine learning and predictive analytics to deep domain expertise in human science to inspire new ways to answer health’s most important questions:

  • What is the right treatment for me?
  • How do I help the right patients access my treatments?
  • How do I ensure that I am getting the optimal value from the healthcare I am purchasing?

Human Data Science should empower everyone to develop creative, relevant and precise solutions to achieve better human health outcomes. 

Human Data Science