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Wherever IQVIA does business in the world, the fundamental values of honesty, integrity and ethical conduct form the core of everything we do. Our reputation is shaped by the personal decisions of every employee. IQVIA staff strive to be decent and fair-minded, and do what is right on the job, even in the most difficult situations.

Our Code of Conduct, Doing the Right Thing, paints a clear picture of what we stand for as an organization, what we expect of ourselves and what we must do to maintain our reputation. It governs how we carry out our work and clarifies what each of us must do. Select to read the Code of Conduct, Doing the Right Thing in the following languages:

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Corporate responsibility and sustainability

At IQVIA, more than 61,000 employees work to make a positive difference in global healthcare. A focus on wellness and safety, product innovation, environmental responsibility and ethical business practices is central to our success—and this culture of caring extends to the communities where we live and work.

Corporate responsibility and sustainability is central to everything we do. We pay close attention to quality and compliance while embracing fresh ideas and new innovations. This dual commitment empowers us to improve healthcare—enhancing and advancing wellness and safety, strengthening supplier relationships and supporting environmental stewardship.

Greater Access to Insights
IQVIA believes that better information lies at the heart of a better world. We work to continually expand access by healthcare stakeholders—including policymakers, providers, payers, patients and consumers—to information and insights that advance global health.

Environmental Responsibility
We strive to make a difference locally and globally. We set key objectives related to pollution prevention, including minimizing waste and reducing carbon emissions.

We Care
IQVIA provides financial and in-kind support for a variety of health-related non-profit organizations worldwide. In addition, we support causes and programs important to our employees—including community fundraising and volunteer activities and encouraging support for health-related charities. In the U.S., IQVIA also offers employee matching gift programs that contribute to a wide variety of organizations, including special initiatives for disaster relief.


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The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science contributes to the advancement of human health globally through timely research, insightful analysis and scientific expertise applied to granular non-identified patient-level data.

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