Personalized and productive interactions on the go

Optimize each interaction with HCPs, whether in person or digitally prepared, with up-to-the-moment insight on how to drive the relationship forward.

A life sciences specific CRM can help your teams open the door to their next conversation and make each conversation more valuable than the last. More effectively manage your customer interactions, from profiling to sample delivery and beyond, while gaining insight into your customers’ contact preferences.

  • Easily target the best opportunities: Use multi-level profiling and segmentation available out-of-the-box to help your teams know when and where their next interaction should take place.
  • Streamline your story: Connect more effectively and without overwhelming your customers. Empower your field-based teams to view customer information and approved, compliant content anytime, anywhere on the mobile tablet of your choice.  MI supports Apple®, Microsoft® Windows®, and Android™ platforms.
  • Track and improve performance: Flexible, personalized skill evaluations, and measurement and development plans ensure you know what’s working and how you can improve.

Find out how we can help your teams connect with customers to deliver your message with the impact it deserves.