Bring new cell and gene therapies to market faster.

The growth of cell and gene therapies signals disruption for the entire healthcare ecosystem, requiring new thinking around development, administration, value, and reimbursement. IQVIA can help you develop and commercialize your therapy, and get ready for what's next. 

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Support with a proven track record

IQVIA's experience with cell and gene therapies extends across a range of clients, from academics to emerging biotech and established pharmaceutical companies. We are uniquely positioned to help you 

  • Develop a strategic GMP manufacturing plan that reduces complexity, time and risk
  • Execute clinical trials, including identifying sites suitable for advanced therapies and recruiting hard-to-find patients
  • Prepare a target product profile (TPP) to guide the development plan and communicate product attributes to stakeholders
  • Build a regulatory strategy to facilitate successful pre-IND/IND meetings expedited programs (e.g., RMAT)
  • Prepare evidence for pricing and reimbursement to navigate market access and uptake barriers

Power your trials with the IQVIA CORE

With the IQVIA CORE, our team puts deep therapeutic and scientific expertise, unparalleled data, advanced analytics, and technology, all within reach. So you can meet the challenges of developing your therapy, and learn more about what lies ahead.

And to maximize the expertise we bring to your project, we also believe in connecting with other leaders in the field. 

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Phase I Trials

Leverage a global network of Phase I clinical pharmacology units to build diversity in patient populations and access a range of geographic regions for early clinical development (ECD) programs.

Phase IIb/III Trials

Improve the performance of your clinical trials with the power of the IQVIA CORE.


Discover unrealized connections and manage your product across the entire lifecycle, from research and development, compliance to launch and commercialization.

Protocol Design

Assess your protocol against real world evidence using advanced analytics, and reduce the risk of costly amendments.

Site Identification

Identify the best performing sites for your trial in less time with new machine learning and predictive modeling methods.

Patient Recruitment

Predict enrollment more accurately and increase the number of patients per site using data-driven patient recruitment solutions.

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