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What does digital health mean to you? Whether you see potential in operations, or an entirely new path for your business, IQVIA can help you harness digital in the right way.
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Connecting data and outcomes

Applying digital tools and techniques to your business can support a range of strategic initiatives. It can lower operating costs, improve differentiation, mitigate risk, or even open up an entirely new direction. And managing these transitions is handled differently, depending on what is right for the culture and the objective for the business — from hiring a chief digital officer, to infusing an imperative for innovation across the organization.

IQVIA can help life sciences organizations, at every stage of digital maturity, see where applying digital tools, techniques, channels and even treatments can close the gap between data collection and clinical decision-making. Trigger positive changes in care management. Push healthcare further.

Digital doesn't live in just one area of your organization. It doesn't in ours either.

The value of digital is helping to do what you need to do to improve your connection with patients, payers and providers in a better, faster, more modern way.

Our latest thinking on the value of digital health

Digital health stories

See how IQVIA has helped organizations across healthcare evaluate and execute digital health strategies. The integration of digital data, technology and analytics means a new, more powerful ecosystem of real world evidence. Keep reading to learn more.

Validating a patient support app

To evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile app in improving patient persistence in staying on cholesterol lowering therapy, IQVIA undertook a retrospective, matched cohort study. We de-identified the list of the app users and linked it to our prescription database, creating a corresponding control group based on therapy type and key demographics. We then calculated therapy persistence using drug refill status for six months following the first treatment. The investigation showed that patients using the digital health app had a 15 percent higher persistence rate than those without it. The company used these insights to design a randomized study to build an even stronger base of evidence.

Social listening

To understand treatment switching patterns and the underlying drivers of switching decisions in multiple sclerosis, IQVIA combined “automated listening” and processing with manual analysis to gather data from social media websites, advocacy group forums and patient blogs. We compared language referring to switching between oral, injectable and IV therapies and extracted over more than 25,000 data points — more than 10,000 of which were relevant to the study objectives. The study revealed that treatment switching was most common for injectable therapy users, primarily due to side effects and lack of efficacy. Following our analysis, the company has invested in developing a command center to conduct further research via automated social listening combined with manual analysis.
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