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There is a critical need for timely, interdisciplinary, and data-driven research to answer questions about human health, and bridge critical gaps in global healthcare systems. The Human Data Science Research Collaborative brings together evidence-based research, data, and human ingenuity to enable swift and lasting improvements.

To accelerate COVID-19 related learning, we are waiving data access fees for academic researchers to two IQVIA data technology platforms, E360™ and SMART, through October 2020.

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A new disease raises new questions

The rapid rise, virulent spread, ongoing mitigation efforts, and ubiquitous impact of COVID-19 have been a harsh pressure test for scientists and health systems around the world. It has also been an urgent call to action, raising time-sensitive questions about the disease and its consequences. 

  • What are the socio-economic and mental health impacts of stay-at-home policies? 
  • What will be the downstream impact of missed preventative care for chronic diseases?
  • Is there a difference in quality of care measured by outcomes or complications for patients utilizing telehealth compared with in-person visits?
  • What data infrastructure is required to better understand health system demands in 2021 and beyond under different scenarios?

Such questions – and many more – will require deep, broad, and high-quality data assets to answer. They also need an accelerated timeline for discussion and debate. COVID-19 has disrupted healthcare for everyone; we must understand the extent and the short and long term impact, quickly. 

An extraordinary opportunity

In an effort to support timely, sharable research, IQVIA is waiving data access fees for academic researchers to two IQVIA data technology platforms through October 2020

E360™ is the industry leading SaaS technology platform used to perform scalable analytics across a global portfolio of large and complex real world data sets. E360™ will provide access to EMR data from France, Germany, and the UK.

SMART brings together the industry’s leading syndicated information assets onto a robust business intelligence platform. Access to SMART will provide a view into national syndicated insights from prescribing, fulfillment channel, sales volumes, promotional, managed care market access as well as medical device and supply tracking.

In addition, U.S. prescription and medical claims data can be made available as needed to support specific analyses.

Research conducted under this collaborative is intended to be evidence based and accelerate the development and sharing of research and insights in public forums.

Please note the number of access opportunities are limited. If you are interested in applying for access, submit an application today.

For more information, please consult these frequently asked questions.

Collaborating beyond COVID-19

The IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science regularly supports empirically rigorous, policy-relevant research to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare. Recent project topics include examinations of trends in prescription opioid use, analyses of global and U.S. drug pricing dynamics, investigations on antibiotic utilization, and explorations into the use of technology and innovation on health systems.  

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