We’re working on new, now.

To find new solutions and better ways to solve problems, we need to reach for new ideas. New methodologies. Because when you use the same tools, you get the same results. We know you are ready. So are we.

Doing things smarter by doing smarter things

There are no simple answers. But IQVIA is stepping up to the challenge of helping our customers embrace innovative techniques, technologies and methods in how therapies are developed, tested and brought to market. We’re developing new ways to evaluate value and risk – and reevaluate how they are shared. We’re rethinking how healthcare systems view outcomes vs. process. And we’re doing it now, with the world’s largest pharmaceutical makers and with fast growing biotech firms, innovative device makers, and others. Our customers have one thing in common: a clear understanding that better results demand better ways of working.

At IQVIA, we are energized by the opportunity to help rethink and redefine how healthcare can move forward with our customers. Today.

IQVIA’s advances in technologies and analytics, combined with our expanding understanding of how the human experience informs human health, point to an opportunity to rethink healthcare.
Richard Staub
IQVIA Research & Development Solutions

The Importance of AI and Machine Learning within IQVIA’s Offerings

IQVIA's Expertise

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Building solutions that meet unique needs in healthcare
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IQVIA's Expertise

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IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

600 Million

Non-identified patient records.
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets


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