Take your forecast performance to the next level

IQVIA’s Forecast Horizon is a platform designed specifically for forecasters in the life sciences. The data-first forecast engine uses machine learning and the power of ‘big data’, allowing you to generate more insightful forecasts in less time.

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From best-in-class data to actionable insights

We understand the unique challenges of forecasting in healthcare today, because we face them too: from synthesizing a constant stream of data to dealing with complex patient dynamics, and modeling a myriad of possible scenarios to account for uncertainties or potential future events.

IQVIA’s Forecast Horizon platform empowers you to manage these demands effectively through a streamlined approach that leverages the power of rich data assets, flexible technology, analytics and actionable insights.

“Our team used to spend all their time collecting data and crunching the numbers. Now, the data are incorporated in real-time. A revolution for our forecasting teams.”

Commercial Forecasting Lead, Top-10 Pharma Company

Forecasting in the age of big data doesn’t have to be overwhelming

IQVIA’s Forecast Horizon helps you to navigate challenges and take advantage of the age of ‘big data’. The features are designed to enhance the depth, accuracy and precision of your forecasts, as well as to minimize time spent on manual updates and maximize time spent building insights.

Powerful insights

  • Ensure your forecast is always up-to-date by automating regular updates from IQVIA and internal data
  • Advance beyond a single set of forecast numbers with easy-to-use Monte Carlo and Tornado analysis tools
  • Visualize insights that help you identify the most impactful forecast drivers

Ultimate flexibility

  • Design a bespoke forecast funnel for your pharmaceutical asset incorporating persistence, flow between lines of therapy, patterned dosing and more
  • Divide your patient population into specific segments and model the differences across many different patient journeys
  • Use either our simple web interface or traditional Excel models to ensure the forecast is right for your whole team

Faster analyses

  • Break the cycle of ‘forecast, update, repeat’ with modular interfaces that allow creation and analysis of new scenarios in minutes
  • Manage the ‘data dump’ by automating how data is incorporated into the forecast

“Forecast Horizon is quite simply the most powerful forecast engine for life sciences. It’s allowed our teams to focus more on the inputs and insights and less on the mechanics.”

Senior VP, Pharma Start-Up

Leveraging unparalleled data from the IQVIA CORE™

With ~1M data feeds, the IQVIA CORE is one of the world’s largest curated healthcare data sources. IQVIA Forecast Horizon leverages both internal and external data, including the rich data assets from the IQVIA CORE™, to improve the accuracy and workflow of forecasting. And with deep domain expertise combined with advanced analytics, users can effectively turn data into actionable insights.

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