End-to-end MedTech support through quality, regulatory, safety, and compliance solutions

The MedTech industry is seeing its regulatory requirements change and evolve, and this is putting pressure on already stretched quality and regulatory resources. These changes mean placing a greater emphasis on pre-clinical, non-clinical and, to an increasing degree, clinical data during and post-launch. 

The increasing number of data sources, while providing ever better access to information, make it harder to stay current with regulatory and quality requirements. Add to this the commercial and stakeholder demands, and this reveals an industry that needs expert regulatory, quality, safety and compliance support across the entire product lifecycle.

IQVIA can provide solutions tailored to the MedTech industry. These include up-to-date information on regulatory and compliance changes, advice on strategy, access to experts, education and training on new and existing requirements and end-to-end project, data management and technology solutions.  

IQVIA can meet your quality, regulatory, safety and compliance needs from concept-to-market, with:

  • MedTech-tailored solutions that link functions and creates a truly connected offering.
  • teams with domain expertise that understand MedTech technologies and markets, and that have both local and global experience.
  • innovative technology that get the right decision-making information into your hands when and how you need it.
  • understanding of MedTech-specific regulatory systems worldwide that will help access other markets.


IQVIA Integrated Compliance solutions

Watch how IQVIA is bringing together technology, services, data and analytics to break down silos and fundamentally change how Quality, Regulatory, Safety and Commercial Compliance work, and work better together.

Quality management systems for Medical Devices
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