Targeting a New, or Under-Resourced Audience

mars 09, 2020

Promoting products to general practitioners (GPs) requires an infrastructure and skillset that most consumer health companies just don’t have. And even many Belgium pharmaceutical companies with well-established and sophisticated sales and marketing operations have turned their focus to specialists and so are investing less in reaching GPs. Still, there are times when GPs are the appropriate audience for both sectors. So, what’s a company with limited field resources and/or expertise to do? What creative and efficient solutions are available?

One pharma company faced just this challenge when it unexpectedly received reimbursement approval for a product that would be prescribed by GPs. (A similar, competing product had been declined reimbursement.) The company was no longer actively promoting to GPs and thus had no sales or marketing operation capable of reaching the target prescribers. To top it off, the company knew it would face competition within its first few months on the market. It urgently needed to make a splash and gain a foothold in the market before the competition entered the scene. But how?

Collaboration to the Rescue

The company turned to IQVIA’s Contract Sales and Medical Solutions team for a collaboration which ranged from strategy development all the way through to implementation. Drawing on insights into the competitive market and an understanding of the standard care, IQVIA’s team worked with the company to develop a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy that encompassed messaging based on a unique selling proposition, channel recommendations, advanced audience segmentation, GP target lists, detailing frequency recommendations, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) engagement, and a complete digital marketing campaign.

We trained and deployed a dedicated sales team to call on KOLs and GPs as well as a multi-channel sales team to reach no-see physicians. During the implementation phase, we met weekly with the customer’s marketing team to review results, discuss follow-up actions, and ensure rapid response to any issues.

Patients Forecast Targeting a New or Under Resourced Audience

Surpassing Sales Targets

At the end of the project, IQVIA’s salesforce had surpassed the client’s target in terms of uptake and market share – a performance that earned a 93 percent overall satisfaction score from the client team. Specific questions such as, “Would you invite IQVIA back?” and “Would you recommend IQVIA?” received positive scores of over 90 percent. The client, in fact, praised the team saying, that IQVIA had the “ability and skills to understand our needs, to react quickly to find solutions, and to drive the project and the team towards outcomes.”

Working with a resourcing partner who can develop an effective sales and marketing strategy as well as execute on that strategy is a practical solution for companies lacking sufficient internal resources to reach a specific audience.