Finding the right study design for your research needs

Exploring the Enriched Study methodology

October 2, 2018 | 11:00AM  -  12:00PM  GMT minus 0500 Eastern Standard Time


As the real-world evidence landscape is evolving, life science companies are seeking deeper insights to answer complex research questions.  Every research question requires a different approach. You need to find the right data sources and study design for your problem. 

If you need to create evidence built around routine patient care why not use an Enriched Study methodology? By taking advantage of clinically rich secondary data you can reduce investigator burden and build a comprehensive research database. 

Our innovative Enriched Study methodology offers an efficient and tailored approach to integrate primary and secondary data enabling unparalleled insights into your patient’s journey. 

Join us to learn more:

  • Discover how to link multiple sources of clinically rich data to inform decisions
  • Reduce study burden with the use of secondary data
  • Accelerate patient enrollment through targeted recruitment
  • Understand how the Enriched Study approach can support your research needs

Innovative scientific and technology-enabled study designs leads to smarter evidence generation.