Gain Organizational Buy-in to Create Real-World Evidence Platforms in Oncology
July 24, 2018
1:00AM GMT minus 0500 Eastern Standard Time

Real-world evidence platforms provide efficient access to unique insights, enabling organizations to accelerate and optimize market access, drive brand differentiation, and showcase disease area leadership. While an evidence platform can help your organization realize the value you are bringing to patients and health systems over time, investing in their build and use across functions and geographies requires buy-in from a range of stakeholders.

How do you gain buy-in and recognition of the significant opportunity that exists for an RWE platform? How do you ensure it will meet the needs of your organization?

Join IQVIA and Novartis to learn how they completed this organizational journey, and built an RWE platform in oncology.

This webinar will help you to

  • Gain insights into how to make the organizational case for platforms across functions and geographies
  • Acquire an understanding of where and how to start this process to ensure long-term success
  • Learn how platforms can enhance collaboration and engagement with payers and providers
  • See how a scalable infrastructure can generate evidence for better decision-making
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