​Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement 2019

IQVIA delivers healthcare insights by cultivating innovation in information technology and real world data, and combining this with the skills and knowledge of our talented workforce. We are a global organization, working in partnership with many blue chip pharmaceutical brands across over 100 counties. IQVIA employs over 67,000+ people worldwide and has a global market value of circa $18bn USD.

At the core of IQVIA is our key organizational value, “Doing the right thing.” This is a commitment - where we strive to achieve the highest standards in all that we do, from the highest levels of compliance, to transparent policies and ethical practices. As such, we work to ensure the prevention of acts of modern slavery and human trafficking, by requiring those same high standards from our suppliers.

We actively combat approaches which have the potential to foster modern slavery and human trafficking by taking a zero-tolerance approach to unethical practices. This is clear from our organizational culture, our policies and procedures, and our Code of Conduct. We are committed to acting professionally, fairly, and most importantly, with integrity – not only across our supply chain, but in all our business dealings.

Key Stakeholders

IQVIA has a labor force of over 67,000+ employees who are committed to delivering the highest standards of healthcare research. We employee a large workforce of clinical experts, commercial specialists and data management professionals. Every employee plays a key role in ensuring our business operates in an ethical and transparent manner - allowing our customers, our shareholders and the overall industry in which we operate to be confident of our commitment to operating with integrity.

Whilst we recognize that an organization’s workforce has the potential to be a high risk area with regard to modern slavery, we believe this risk is reduced for IQVIA. This is because the majority of our workforce is educated or skilled, and undertaking work in controlled environments with a well-structured management system, and well-established policies and processes. Furthermore, all employees have access to dedicated whistleblowing and ethics compliance hotlines, and can report any wrong doing to a member of management, our Ethics and Compliance Officer or our Office of General Counsel.

We provide a full range of compulsory compliance training modules on regulatory and statutory requirements to all employees.

Within the IQVIA global organization, there are global and local functions responsible for compliance and risk management including

  • Ethics and Compliance
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Human Resources
  • Facilities

These functions are responsible for safeguarding our commercial and ethical interests through robust policy development and reviews, staff engagement, people management, improving governance, portfolio management across our estates and third party contractors/suppliers.

Policies and Procedures

As part of IQVIA commitment to combating modern slavery, we have the following policies governing our organisation:

  • The Patient Principle
    At the heart of IQVIA is a drive to make life better for people all over the world. We call this the patient principle and it guides us to work to the highest standard of ethical practice in our clinical research and business operat
  • Our Code of Conduct – “Doing the Right Thing”
    Our Code of Conduct is our company's highest level policy document, defining the responsibilities we share for ethical business conduct. The Code governs how we carry out our work, identifies resources for seeking help or reporting concerns, and clarifies how we expect our colleagues and clients to conduct themselves. It applies to all IQVIA employees, as well as contractors, temporary staff, directors, officers, and agents.
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
    Based on internationally recognized standards, our Supplier Code of Conduct is aimed at advancing social and environmental responsibility. The Code requires all our suppliers to be committed to uphold the human rights of workers, and treat them with dignity and respect.
  • Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption Policy
    This policy requires all Business Groups, employees and agents to ensure they are complying with applicable legal requirements and ethical standards of each country in which they conduct business on behalf of the organization. It sets out our commitment to ethical practices, as part of “doing the right thing”.
  • Whistleblowing Policy
    This policy requires all employees to raise concerns about possible breaches of our Code of Conduct, unethical practices, or potential violations of local laws and regulations. The policy ensures employees who raise such concerns are protected in the workplace, and are offered support throughout the process. We have a zero tolerance policy for retaliation, at all levels, against staff raising concerns.

We ensure strict adherence to legislation in connection with engaging, and managing, temporary and self-employed workers.


Due Diligence

Our procedures are designed to establish, assess and monitor areas of potential risk where slavery and human trafficking could occur throughout the business, including supply chains. They ensure appropriate measures are put in place to minimize these risks, and provide protection for those raising concerns.

All of our commercial contracts are subject to assurances from third party organisations that require them to operate in an ethical and legal manner. We also require the values of our contractors to be aligned with our own.

Our Clinical teams undertake site selection visits to ensure external health organizations are operating safely, and undertake robust audits to ascertain suitability of both people and facilities.

In summary, no ventures are undertaken with third party suppliers without rigorous background and operations checks.


Risk and Compliance

IQVIA has put in place a series of measures which provide us with insight into the practices of suppliers and third parties that we engage. Our commitment for the coming year and beyond is to ensure we continue to review and assess all commercial relationships within our supply chain, and to educate the key stakeholders in the process to ensure awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery.

IQVIA is proud to work with some of the most recognized companies in the healthcare industry, all of which share our commitment to the eradication of human trafficking and modern slavery. As such, we believe our operations are low risk.

We continue to promote our organisational values throughout all aspects of our business, and insist that our suppliers and partners continue to do the same. If we find evidence of a failure to comply with our policies we will seek to either address or terminate our relationship with the relevant supplier.

For further information about our ethical standards, please see our Sustainability and Citizenship reports which are published annually, and available on our website.


This statement has been published in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act (2015) and outlines the steps taken by IQVIA during the financial year ending 31st March 2019, to prevent modern slavery across our organization. Throughout this statement ‘modern slavery’ refers to all forms of enslaved labor, child labor and trafficked labor.

Tim Sheppard

General Manager, UKI & North Europe

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